Academic Programs
BIT in collaboration with recognized Institutes in India and abroad continues to extend its portfolio of offerings in Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Programs. In addition, with emphasis in emerging technologies, BIT offers academic programs that are current and relevant to market trends by virtue of its centers of excellence and laboratories.
Academic Philosophy
BIT provides students a foundation for lifelong learning. The curriculum and academic activities at BIT emphasizes the learning process that is based on inquiry and critical analysis, independent research, collaborative work, engagement with society, and effective communication skills. The institute encourages discovery, creativity, initiative, responsibility, collaboration, leadership, and independent thought among the students
Besides the mandated courses as per BPUT syllabi, BIT would offer a number of advanced modules with the help of faculty from US universities based on emerging technologies. Both visiting scholars from abroad and video lectures will be arranged. This will offer opportunities towards finishing school program for new graduating students. The Institute will strive to work with industries and other academic institutions both in India and abroad to provide its students opportunities such as internships, co-ops training, experiential learning courses, leadership training, and community service learning courses. The Institute will also organize specific leadership courses and student participation in college activities such as peer mentoring, committee work, and events planning.

Learning Impact
BIT believes in the creating effective learning platform for students to maximize their learning impact rather than imparting one way teaching. BIT with the help of its promoters, who are professors from reputed institutions and professionals from large corporations, consistently refines its teaching-learning strategy to ensure maximum learning impact for its students right from the beginning. Accordingly, BIT faculty practice teaching methodologies that enables students to learn the most when they teach in a simulated environment
Holistic Learning
“Not just teaching, it’s more about grooming”, is what BIT encourages in every aspect of a student’s engagement with the Institute. Because BIT believes in grooming future technology leaders who should be holistic in their approach to appropriately address the needs and wants of the next generation.

Holistic learning at BIT emphasizes on all rounded growth of the students so that they can adopt to different industry and social environments and make appropriate technical decisions to have impact in the society. The course work at BIT is tailored with projects and real life scenarios that are simulated using learning tools enables the students to develop themselves as a true technology leader.

It all starts with ensuring that the basic foundation is well laid out in the junior years. , Infused with soft skills, then emphasis is paid to specialized technical skill development based on branch oriented curriculum followed by Leadership skills and Real Life projects. All of it is refined continuously with feedback from the performance at all levels and all sectors.

Scholarships and Loans
BIT values the talent of the scholars and to support the financially under-privileged as well as meritorious children, it has several scholarships.

The BIT ENDOWMENT has been established in July 2009. The proceedings from this endowment will be used to offer scholarships to students starting from 2010.

From 2011 the Institute has plans to introduce new merit-cum-mean scholarships for the incoming freshmen based on their OJEE/AIEEE rank and Plus-Two marks.