The institute will setup the state-of-art computing facility. There will be adequate number of PCs and workstations to meet the needs of classes and the student usage. A cluster-based high-performance computing laboratory will be established for intensive computing. The campus network will have high-speed Internet access. The entire campus will have wireless coverage, and the computer laboratories will be connected by Gigabit Ethernet. In addition to the computing platforms, the laboratories will be provisioned with standard peripheral equipment such as printers, scanners, and other devices.

Central library
The central library as a separate building will be located inside the main campus close to the academic building, well equipped with electronic media, books, periodicals, journals, magazines and newspapers. Inside library, there will be an electronic library where the computers with high speed connection will be available for online courses for students from various universities all over the world. Within two to three years, the institute will subscribe to IEEE and ACM digital libraries. The library will have adequate staff to keep it running for long hours to meet student needs and eventually it will be run round the clock.

Collaborative Labs (COLLABS)
The Collaborative Labs (COLLABS), is an initiative at Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology (BIT) that enables engineering students & faculty from various departments interact with leaders in the industry and academia space. Industry includes a whole range of companies such as Cisco, National Instruments, IBM etc… From the academic world, professors from highly reputed Universities interact with the research groups that have been formulated at BIT.

Research Groups at BIT:

BIT-BOTS – Robotics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

BIT-SIT – Computer Security Research Group

BIT-NET – Networking Research Group

Signal Processing Research Group

Data Mining Research Group

Teaching Resources
BIT teaching resources not only include the expert faculties only, but also the advanced technology to make the learning experience beyond the confinement of campus by connecting the different universities in the world to share ideas and thoughts.Teaching resources in BIT will make the teaching not limited to the campus teaching only, rather going beyond the conventional way of teaching to use the advanced technology to create the virtual class rooms.

To make the commuting for students, faculties and staffs easier, BIT will have the fleet of shuttles connecting various points in the city from morning to evening on weekdays.

Food Court
BIT has on campus food court for lunch and snacks. For lunch time discussion the food court has enough covered area with seating facilities.