• How is BIT different from other NRI branded colleges in the country?

BIT is the only private NRI Engg. College in the country promoted by well known Computer Science & Engg. professors from reputed US universities. The promoters are involved in teaching and faculty training at BIT. Student mentoring and seminars by US faculty and industry leaders are regular events in the campus. BIT students have direct interaction with experts in US universities and industries for career guidance. BIT faculty and students have privileges for higher studies and research in US.

  • Since IT industry is slowing down, what is your plan for students in IT area?

The current global recession is a temporary phenomenon. The IT industries have started recovering since the last quarter. When the incoming freshmen graduates in 2013, the industry will be again on its peak. BIT has holistic education plan for its students. With strong profile of promoters in IT education and industries, BIT students will be better prepared for suitable placements after they graduate.

  • Is BIT’s fee structure is high due to its NRI brand?

No, not at all. The fees are similar to most private engineering colleges in the State or even less than many institutions in Odisha. The fees are set by the Government of Odisha. Promoters from US provide their services for free as an outreach commitment for the State.

  • What is the faculty quality?

Faculties at BIT are selected through serious evaluation process so that they can have successful teaching and research career. A number of faculties are having PhD and M. Tech qualifications in their disciplines with teaching experiences. Some of them are recruited from abroad directly and other institutions where they have proven records. A significant number of adjunct/visiting faculties have been selected from reputed institutions in India and abroad to teach in the campus as needed and to mentor BIT faculty and students. Besides teaching, the faculty members are strongly encouraged to publish their research at competitive events.

  • Does BIT arrange hostel and transportation facilities for its student?

Yes. BIT has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls located at only 20 mins away from the campus. The students use college bus for their transportation. Hostels within the campus will be available in another year. When the Infovalley commonly known as Infocity II gets developed adjacent to BIT campus, the housing and transportation will be even more convenient in the near future. There was some news on Infosys is investing 100s of crores to develop its infrastructure in Infovalley.

  • Do you have any canteen facility in the campus?

A food court for lunch and snacks is available for students and staffs at reasonable cost.

  • Whether BIT has provision of outreach courses beyond BPUT syllabus?

BIT organizes workshop/trainings/advanced courses by US professionals on regular basis beyond the university syllabus for the faculty and students of engineering colleges in Odisha. BIT students enroll in most of these courses for free. Regular summer trainings are available on contemporary and advanced topics with hands on laboratories and project works.

  • What kind of library and Internet facilities BIT has?

The library is receiving a large number of books from US universities through donation/gifts in addition to what BIT has procured as per the AICTE/BPUT requirements. The provision of e-library and servers with the proceedings of recent conferences are available for all. The campus has the provision of high speed Internet and wifi facilities to stream on-line seminars and lectures from US and other Institutions.

  • Do you have sports facilities?

Yes. Currently BIT has areas supporting cricket and volley ball games. Students organized annual sports event in Spring semester. BIT has plans to have courts for basketball and tennis soon in the campus. A separate arena will be built for various sports activities for students in due course. A gym with minimum equipment would also be available soon in the campus.

  • Is there any dress code for BIT students?

There was no dress code during the first year. Due to popular demands, the Institute is considering to have good light blue jean and color T-shirt as uniform. More details will be available from the Institute. No torn jeans and excess revealing of body are allowed. 

  • How do you deal with ragging?

Ragging is prohibited at BIT campus and its hostels. Any seniors found to be involved in ragging in any form will be dealt with a severe penalty. BIT administration has zero tolerance for ragging.