Hi there! Let’s make the world a better place for everyone.

We are glad that you are here to know more about us… Let us first tell you about our Clubs. We got many clubs to pursue our interests, hobbies and extracurricular activities which includes but not limited to…

  • Robotics Club powered by Programmable Systems on Chips (PSoC) from Cypress Semiconductor USA
  • Programming Club to code Ks of lines of code to tryout different application and have competition
  • Electronics Club to explore new and creative applications
  • Music and Dance Club. We Rock!
  • Sports Club
  • Social Service Club
  • Seminar Club to organize seminar delivery from reputed industry experts from India and abroad

Did you know International Cricketer Mr. Sivsundar Dash is associated with our Cricket Club?

When it comes to Sport and Cultural Annual Day we made up a team called “Team Zenith” and named our Annual Function “Udayaan”…. We planned the whole thing by ourselves with the help from our Faculty and choreographed a lot of stuff.

Read on to know some specific view points…. happy reading.


 Proud BITIAN…


Renowned artist Pdt. Kamala Shankar(Shankar Guitar) performed in conference hall on 29/11/11 . since the occasion is special and melodious, All students and faculty members enjoyed the show thoroughly. She is known for her tremendous control and versatility on her instrument. she has performed extensively in U.S.A., Switzerland, Gulf of Dubai, Al-Sharjah, Bahrain, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, France, Singapore etc. and throughout India. Bit is enlighten by her stupendous performance, the spell bound audience, the spiritual initiation through her music has transformed the hall in to a divine ambiance.
Welcome to our premier Institute… It is once in a life time experience to study in our Institute which is promoted by reputed professors from USA and technocrats from large MNCs. We study hard (No bunking guys!), do interesting projects in our Labs as well as many clubs we have set up in the campus…. and have loads of fun in games period as well as sports and cultural days.

Our Faculty is our mentors, who make sure we are fully equipped with the right education and training to solve the challenges of the society. We sure will rock!

Guys, seeing is believing…. how BIT is different! Our promoters are reputed professors and industry leaders from large corporations. As a result we have access to a large network of professionals in the Industry who not only groom us along our BIT journey; they also mentor us regularly with seminars and workshops that builds our knowledge for REAL LIFE Industry scenarios.

Do you know the top 5 BITians will be supported for higher education in USA? Our promoters who are professors in the states are sure looking forward to it. Let’s make the best out of the opportunity given to us. We can do it and we will the BIT way.

I am talking to you from our Cypress Semiconductor USA PSoC Lab. PSoC stands for Programmable System on Chip. This is the 1st PSoC lab in Orissa and the 5th in India after IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, BITs Pilani and Ana University. Here we can practice real time projects on digital and analog electronics.

Let’s build a few robot cars and compete with each other – can you make your car run faster than mine? Come to my PSoC Lab, we can have a competition.

You think you can Rock in Dance or for that matter in Cricket or Volley Ball or Music or Robotics?


Udayaan was our sports and cultural program last February. Those are the two very memorable days in our lives. We had a lots of fun and our days were full of activities. We join hands and prepare our own drama, duet dance programs, music shows and many more. You got an idea about a fun program, we can sure give it a try next time. Only thing is that you got to be here for it. Don’t forget I am waiting for you. Together we will Rock the BIT way!

I love my Workshop. This is the foundation for any Engineer. Our Workshop is one of the most spacious and sophisticated workshop around.

You wanna make your new design of a nut, bolt system or a hinge that can change the future of mechanical engineering, come to life? This is the place where you will lay the foundation stone for that great invention you have been thinking about for so long.

……………………. Well you may be wrong! Girls can do a fantastic job in the workshop given the right equipment, training and a level playing field. We got that at BIT workshop and I am glad that I am like anyone out there or even batter when it comes to machines.

Come see for yourself. I am here to show you around. I am sure, end of it you will agree with me and add to my tale here (see I am saving space for you right here in this web page)…………..

Back in class after a hard day at Workshop is so refreshing after a bottle of soft drink from the cafeteria, says Monica.

Put on the two 3 Ton Air Conditioners in the Class room, Roll on the projector and have a round of group discussion with the class mates – all our tiredness is “off they go”. We get into deep discussions and come out with ideas for our next project in the Robotics Club. Isn’t that COOL?

A minute lost in the class room is a year lost in our edge over others when we graduate!

We are a group of focused engineers. Concentrate, Learn in the classroom and perform when it come to exams or quiz time.

Let’s make the best use of every minute we are here in BIT and get the best out of all the opportunities made available to us by our faculty and promoters from USA, which is simply unbeatable!

Priyanka and Aman make the best use of the Physics Lab.

With the introduction of printed Lab manual that has the scope of the experiment, Formulae to use in the Experiment and a measurement Table to record all the observation is simply COOL.

It save them a lot of time which they use to carry out additional interesting mix of experiments to explore the world of science.

Prachi has a great time with her computer and the projects in the lab.

She is all excited about the upcoming programming marathon…. “Did you know, we are organizing a State wide Programming Marathon, where the prize money is 1 Lakh Rupees”!? If you haven’t registered yet, do it right away…. don’t miss the boat.

Faculty help in every step of the way to make us the best of the programmers. We can rub shoulders with the rest of the gigs out there…. watch out we are coming!