It is a great pleasure to welcome the Bitian to the Student Welfare Division

The SWD has an overall responsibility of delivering on the strategic goals of the Institute and the ICRI strategy of excellence which emphasizes on ‘Improving the student Experience’. The mission of the division is to provide an enabling environment which aims at quality student services and provides a range of learning, social, cultural, health and recreational opportunities which facilitate full realization of students’ potential for academic and personal growth.


Our vision is a Student and Academic Services division actively creating, promoting, and sustaining a diverse living and learning environment in which each student is challenged, encouraged, and supported in the pursuit of academic and personal growth and participation in the community at-large.

We are committed to promoting a diverse learning and living environment in which students, faculty, staff and the involved alumni respect one another and share:

  • A belief in the value of education and the power of ideas
  • A commitment to practical as well as theoretical knowledge
  • A commitment to support the intellectual, spiritual and physical well-being of all members of the community
  • A commitment to developing, maintaining and nurturing partnerships in the community
  • A recognition of the importance of service and the belief that an individual can make a significant difference

Student Welfare Policy Aims

As a part of the welfare, we intend to help students to develop and exhibit:

  • A sense of security
  • A sense of identity
  • A sense of self concept
  • A sense of purpose

Opportunities beyond the classroom to:

  • Lead others
  • Communicate
  • Develop positive relationships
  • Recognize and value cultural differences
  • Care and support other people
  • Serve the community


Goal One: Create and support a learning community filled with opportunities in and beyond the classroom for students and faculty to integrate and link those experiences with their learning from academic programs.

Goal Two: Provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to participate together in intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural, athletic, and service activities.

Goal Three: Develop and support programs and services that foster diversity, inclusion, and learning among all members of ICRI.

Goal Four: Create and sustain an environment that promotes personal growth and discovery, the pursuit of healthy minds and bodies, and participation in the creation of a caring community.

Goal Five: Create an environment that fosters an awareness of responsibility for self, community, and public service.

Goal Six: Streamline and improve the services and improve access to information needed by students, faculty and staff.

Goal Seven: Planning and efficient implementation of programs to achieve desired outcomes.