Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology (BIT), the brain child of a group of US based academicians and industry professionals both from US and India, is uniquely located adjacent to the Infocity-II (Infovalley IT SEZ) in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, with the vision to establish leadership in learning, research and services to prepare students for Global Society.

BIT is a NRI venture with unique value propositions, that includes:


  • The promoters are Professors from reputed Universities in USA, who singularly focus on Academic Excellence at BIT. They regularly mentor BIT faculty on Academic Best Practices.
  • Teaching philosophy that ensures highest impact in learning for every student. Teaching strategy that is tailored for high, medium and low performers to realize their maximum potential.
  • Projects in every step of the way for students to appreciate “why they learnt what they learnt” while making learning tools from abroad accessible to students to make learning real, thought provoking and fun.

About BIT
Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology (BIT) is the first venture of Orissa Millennium Education Trust, founded by Prof. Rabi Mahapatra. BIT is launched as a shared vision of US based academicians and industry professionals from US and India in establishing leadership in learning, research and services and preparing students for a global society. The Vision, Mission and the objectives are promoted by theManagement & Governance Bodyfrom USA and India.

Vision :
“To establish leadership in learning, research and services and prepare students for Global Society”

Mission :
1. The mission of BIT is as follows: To open minds and kindle thoughts and actions by instilling in students a desire for knowledge, and a power to use it for advancement of humanity.
2. To blend practical learning techniques with scholarship towards producing technocrats to face the Global Challenges.
3. To strive for top 5 preferred technical institute in the state by 2015.

Objectives :
1. The main objective of BIT is to impart quality education that is globally competitive and meets future needs of the society.
2. According to the promoters, some of the current BIT objectives are as follows : Provide academic programs and services that are responsive to institutional goals and regional needs.
3. Provide students with the knowledge and understanding of the basic functional areas of engineering and information technology. Foster academic research, which contributes to human knowledge and vitality. Provide students with necessary quantitative skills for analytical and critical reasoning purposes.
4. Provide a diversity of intellectual, cultural, social and recreational activities for institute and surrounding community. Maintain a self-evaluation system where the goals of the institution serve as the criteria for determining the institution’s effectiveness.
5. Develop students’ ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written English, and feel confident in the use of the language across the professions. Develop students’ understanding, appreciation, and productive use of information literacy and technological resources. Enhance the students’ appreciation for the international and ethical environments.

In addition when students graduate from BIT they will be prepared to:

1. Maintain high standards of teaching and scholarship and to encourage professional activities.
2. Think and express clearly
3. Demonstrate technological knowledge and skills
4. Contribute to the good of humankind
5. Practice truthful and ethical behavior