09 Jan


Requirement of e-mail ids in order to supply information under RTI

No. BPUT/RTI/19094                                                                                                Date:27.01.2017


It is to inform all concerned that this University has installed an e-valuation system in 2015-16 academic session since when, the answer books are being scanned before evaluation. The answer books and the marks awarded by the examiners are available in soft form after the publication of result. It was intimated through web notification twice vide notice No. 16412 dated 31.08.2016 and notice No.18512 dated:15.12.2016 that the students who seek copy of evaluated answer books under RTI, are required inter alia to furnish their email ids. A list of students is attached herewith, who have yet to furnish their email ids. They are required to please send their individual email ids alongwith registration number to the University at i.e., rti@bput.ac.in immediately so that the desired answer books can be sent to their mail.

Public Information Officer